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The Esperance Theatre Guild Presents THE WIZARD OF OZ

Performances are between 8th-23rd November at the following times:
Friday 8th 7pm Cast B
Saturday 9th 6.30pm Cast A
Sunday 10th 1.30pm Cast B
Thursday 14th 7pm Cast A
Friday 15th 7pm Cast B
Saturday 16th 6.30pm Cast A
Sunday 17th 1.30pm Cast B
Thursday 21st 7pm Cast A
Friday 22nd 7pm Cast B
Saturday 23rd 6.30pm Cast A

Fly over the rainbow with Dorothy as she rides a twister into the merry and troubled land of Oz and learns that no matter how far our journeys take us – there’s no place like home!

The Esperance Theatre Guild brings the story of Dorothy and her friends Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion to life on the Bijou stage as they journey through the magical land of Oz to meet the Wizard and obtain their heart’s desires. Watch out for the Wicked Witch of the West and her wicked minions as you rediscover the real story of Oz in this fantastic musical treat for the whole family!

As a result of the large number of children and youth auditioning for the production, director Danny Ellefsen chose to cast two groups to perform alternating shows to allow everyone to be included.

Actors playing every performance include:
Julian Hockley “Scarecrow”,
Derek Clarke “Tinman”,
Tim Barr “Lion”,
Mary McCulloch “Wicked Witch of the West” and, Ian Clarke as “The Wizard”
Bruce Simmonds, Scott Farmilo, Liam Newton, Judy Barr, Sarah Barr, Sally Nevin, Julie-Anne Clark, Jenny Obourne, Jo Loffler, Tegan Doig, Hayley Revell, Angus Shaw, Mitchell Ware, Nathan Gaughan, Greta Lauritsen.

The alternating Cast “A” is led by Kayla Savi playing the part of “Dorothy” and Cast “B” features Emma Bailye in the lead role.

Kayla Savi
Eva Carolan
Chanel Binder
Ivy Bondarenko
Ben Loffler
Eden Copeland
Amy Jeitz
Matilda Ellett
Keely Parnell
Lachlan Shaw
Amara Leonard

Emma Bailye
Britney Liebeck
Kasey Corry
Olivia Eagles
James Barr
Taylor Kingi
Cydney Merkel
Tahlia Inkster
Bella Dwyer
Taylor Grdovic
Ashlynne Beckett


Tickets prices:
$22 for Ages 16 and over
$18 for Members only (using the code that will be provided by email)
$16 for Children under 16

Duration:  2hrs 45mins approx. (including Interval)